Monday, 27 June 2016

Vision, holistic plan and concept design

 Our vision: 
A vibrant and abundant garden as a central space for contemplation, curiosity, discovery, expression and connection.

Article published in the 1st issue of the WHOMP, Nov 2015

"The overall plan includes a food forest with roaming chickens, 60 m2 of garden beds, an outdoor kitchen or 'kids-run café", a central gathering/eating area with woodfire oven, bbq and fire pit, a native forest, an outdoor reading space and a discovery shed for senior students"...

Whomp article continued...

Kokako garden - Plan overview

 "Nature knows" by Leah Pearlman, author and illustrator of Dharma Comics. 


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Autumn in the garden

After a very busy summer season and abundant harvest, days are getting shorter and cooler, and it is really nice to look back and appreciate how much we have accomplished in the last few months, and to slow down a little.

At the end of last term, we pulled out our summer crops and we are now ready to get composting all these precious materials and plant our winter gardens.

We are making carbon rich compost in big lasagna style stacks, adding as much manure and minerals as possible so that next year's crop will be all the more richer in nutrients.

You are welcome to bring animal manure or animal bones (we can burn them in our earth oven) if you have, or if you go for a walk on the beach you could collect seaweed or shells to add to the recipe! That would be really appreciated!

Planting winter crops in our new greenhouse...

... as well as in the warmest garden spot!

We were excited to find a couple of handfuls of beautiful raspberries which (unsurprisingly)  were completely gone before we could show them off

A lot of our leafy greens planted last spring have self-seeded, so much abundance and beauty!!

Welcome to term 2 in the Kokako garden!

And welcome to our new blog!!

My name is Amandine, I am a parent at Oropi school and I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the Kokako garden project at Oropi school, which started in September 2015. I have been loving getting to know the children as we explore and learn essential skills in our fabulous outdoor classroom!

In this blog we will be sharing what we are up to in the Kokako garden as the weeks and seasons pass by, and we hope to interact with you via this medium too.

The Kokako garden is also Oropi community garden, and we really encourage families to come in, share their skills, their passions or simply their free time, and get involved in any way that works for them. In exchange for a small contribution (volunteering or donation) the beautiful garden produce is there for you to harvest and enjoy.